Social Media

Being a private writer’s club, our member Facebook page is closed to the public. However, we know there are many people that follow our Facebook page because they want a resource where they can learn about the release of books by our authors, and where they can meet them at book signings and other events. But not being a paid club member, they cannot post on our page.

With this in mind, we offer these folks two options. The first one is to pay the $15 membership fee and join the club where they’ll have access to the Facebook page, the full resources of the club, can attend meetings, have access to our accountability and mentoring programs, and receive the monthly newsletter. The newsletter alone is worth the $15 membership fee.

The second option is this – we’ve created a second club Facebook group page that is open to the public. It is called Tulsa NightWriters Social Page. It is just like our closed group page but where anyone interested in writing or in books can join and post their announcements, events, ideas, etc., and share it with club members and non-club members alike. People still need to apply to join the group page, just as in all group pages. We still administer the page and do not allow anyone to join whose agenda is to advertise their business, personal, political, or religious agenda. And it isn’t a gossip rag for airing dirty laundry. We keep it clean and respectful.

Non-club members can join our social page without cost or obligation to join the club. They just won’t have access to the newsletter, meetings, and other club business or programs. People searching Facebook for a writing group in Tulsa will find both pages and will have a choice on which one (or both) that best suits their needs. Club members are encouraged to join both group pages and share posts and information on both resources.

Please know the TNWC officer board is working diligently to create a place where we can network among ourselves in privacy. The open group page is a place where non-members can find our authors. Remember, everyone has access to our website. We’re not hard to find.

Twitter Tips

Please help us use Twitter to grow TNWC. In return we’ll help you promote your Tweets about your writing. This is a very casual list of Twitter Tips. If you are familiar with Twitter you don’t need the following.

Briefly How Twitter Works (our Twitter address):

Our club handle is @TulsaNightWrite, our page is TulsaNightWriters

A sample Tweet (below) by you or by TNWC. Tweets can be no more than 140 characters:

@TulsaNightWrite Mtg 2/21 7pm @ Martin Regional Library Spkr @JoshDankerDak Improving UR #Storytelling #Writing #Books #Authors @MondayBooks

Twitter allows 140 typed characters and counts them for you.

Handle: The @ symbol sends your tweet to the specific person or organization using that handle. To send to each of your followers, do not use a handle (@)

The Hashtag (#): is like a subject line in a memo. Twitter users search for specific hashtags to find others talking about the same subject. The above is an example only. Use any hashtags you deem might be effective. More examples: #Fiction #Sci-Fi. In the above tweet, #Tulsa would also be an effective hashtag. The most effective hashtag for TNWC purposes is probably #writing.

Search #Books on Twitter to find  #authors, #editors, and #publishers. Other popular hashtags associated with writing are #amwriting #writing #writerslife #reading

Etiquette: Punctuation takes up character spaces. Not using punctuation is difficult for writers to get over, but on Twitter it’s forgiven and overlooked. Use it when you can and don’t stress over not using it. Abbreviations are also necessary to getting UR message out and staying within 140 characters.

@Mondaybooks: TNWC’s Bob Mueller recommended @MondayBooks. When we tweet them on Monday, they will retweet tweet for us –– meaning that our tweet goes out to each of their followers. Add all of our followers together and we are reaching thousands of people.

RETWEETING: This is the gold in Twitter. When you retweet, the message goes out to each of your followers. Add all of our followers together and we are reaching thousands of people. To retweet, click the green arrows at the bottom of the tweet. One green arrow points up and one down.

MARKETING: If you are not currently marketing a book, by retweeting those who are, there’s a good chance they will return the favor and retweet yours when the time comes.