What To Expect At A Tulsa NightWriters Meeting:

Martin Regional Library

  • Members begin arriving at Martin East Library Auditorium starting at 6:30 p.m. The meeting starts promptly at 7 pm.
  • Stop by the table to sign-in where our cheerful hospitality officer will greet you and answer any questions you have. Let us know you are a visitor on the sign-in sheet for a complimentary digital copy of our newsletter.
  • We welcome our members that are published authors to bring copies of their books to the meeting and make them available for purchase. It’s a great opportunity to share your talent with like-minded people.
  • Our meetings are always informative and usually entertaining. Our goal is to help aspiring writers master their craft and find publication. We welcome all genre of writing.
  • The Tulsa NightWriters is affiliated with the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc., so membership entitles you to all benefits of both organizations.
  • Fill out a name tag for a chance to win a door prize.
  • Find a seat or feel free to mix and mingle until the meeting starts.
  • Hear what’s happening in the club with announcements and member ‘brags’.

  • Joshua Danker-Dake, President – Tulsa NightWriters
  • Learn about opportunities for writing workshops, readings, and other literary events happening in our community.
  • Be educated, encouraged, and challenged by our quality speakers.
  • Meet and network with new writing friends.

Come back next month and do it all again!

We hope you’ll come join us. Questions? Feel free to ask any questions, click on the CONTACT US tab.

2018 Schedule

Martin East Library Auditorium, 27th and Garnett, Tulsa. We start arriving around 6:30 p.m. to mix and mingle. The meeting starts promptly at 7 pm.

nightwriter logo

DISCLAIMER:   This event is not affiliated in any way with the Tulsa City-County Library. The Library neither sponsors nor endorses this event, the speaker(s) or the organization.

October 16  — Joshua Danker-Dake will be speaking on synopsis writing: what it is, why it’s important, how to do it well, and how it can be useful even for those who don’t write fiction..

2019 Officer Board Nominations

We accepted officer nominations at our October 16th meeting. These offices are not appointed. They are elected offices, and nominations are still open. If you are a member in good standing and meet the qualifications (see our by-laws), you may submit your own name for consideration for any office.  If there is another qualified member you’d like to nominate for any of our officer positions, please consult with them first to gain their permission, then submit their name for consideration at the October meeting.

The following is a list of TNWC members that have already accepted nominations to serve on the 2019 officer board. Elections will be held at our November meeting, and the elected officers inaugurated at our 2018 Christmas party.

President—Joshua Danker-Dake

Vice President—Rex Griffin

Treasurer—Marion Grace

Hospitality Director—M. Carolyn Steele

Communications Director—Deniece Adsit

Editor—Cindy Rose

SPECIAL NOTE: Nominations for NightWriter of the Year was announced at our October meeting. We’ll be posting procedures on our Facebook page and in the upcoming newsletter. Please keep in mind which NightWriter you’d like to nominate. Nominations should be on who you believe has made the most meaningful contribution to the club this year. The award will be presented at our annual Christmas Party on December 11th.

November 20 — 2019 Officer Board Elections and OWFI contest preparation panel.

Special Note: Although we’ve already received enough nominations to fill the 2019 officer positions, you may still submit a nomination at the November meeting before the election is held.

December 11 — Christmas Party/2019 Officer Board Installations



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