What To Expect At A Tulsa NightWriters Meeting:

Martin Regional Library

  • Members begin arriving at Martin East Library Auditorium starting at 6:30 p.m. The meeting starts promptly at 7 pm.
  • Stop by the table to sign-in where our cheerful hospitality officer will greet you and answer any questions you have.
  • Our meetings are always informative and usually entertaining. Our goal is to help aspiring writers master their craft and find publication. We welcome all genre of writing.
  • The Tulsa NightWriters (TNWC) is a an affiliate of the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc. (OWFI).  You can choose to join TNWC alone, or also be a member of OWFI and enjoy all the benefits of both organizations.
  • Fill out a name tag so we all get to know each other.
  • Find a seat or feel free to mix and mingle until the meeting starts.
  • Hear what’s happening in the club with announcements and member ‘brags’.

  • Rex Griffin, President – Tulsa NightWriters Club.
  • Learn about opportunities for writing workshops, readings, and other literary events happening in our community.
  • Be educated, encouraged, and challenged by our quality speakers.
  • Meet and network with new writing friends.

Check out our monthly newsletters available on this website. Come back next month and do it all again!

We hope you’ll come join us. Questions? Feel free to ask any questions, click on the CONTACT US tab.

Martin East Library Auditorium, 27th and Garnett, Tulsa. We start arriving around 6:30 p.m. to mix and mingle. The meeting starts promptly at 7 pm.

DISCLAIMER:   This event is not affiliated in any way with the Tulsa City-County Library. The Library neither sponsors nor endorses this event, the speaker(s) or the organization.

2019 Meeting Schedule

November 19

We held our annual election for our 202o officer board.  The following members accepted eleciton for our 2020 officer board. Candidates are members in good standing and have attended a minimum of 7 or the last 12 monthly meetings.  See our OFFICERS page for bios of our new officer board.

President – Rex Griffin


Editor – Cindy Rose

Communications Director – Blake Collier

Hospitality Director – Carolyn Steele

Treasurer – Marion Grace

December 3 ….. Annual Christmas Party.  Our annual Christmas party is for members only, plus one guest. Members in good standing will receive an invitation with full details.

2020 Meeting Schedule

Speakers pending

January 21  Our January meeting will consist of members reading snippets and excerpts from their published works. We have a wide variety of authors published in a cadre of genres.  Come and be entertained, informed, and inspired.

February 18

March 17

April 21

May 19 … OWFI Writing Contest Winners Recognition

June 16

July 21

August 18

September 15

October 20

Craft of Writing Conference …. Date Pending

November 17  .. OWFI Writing Contest Preparation Panel

December 8 (tentative date) … Christmas Party .. Our annual Christmas party is for members only, plus one guest. Members in good standing will receive an invitation with full details.


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