What To Expect At A Tulsa NightWriters Meeting:

Martin Regional Library

  • Members begin arriving at Martin East Library Auditorium starting at 6:30 p.m. The meeting starts promptly at 7 pm.
  • Stop by the table to sign-in where our cheerful hospitality officer will greet you and answer any questions you have. Let us know you are a visitor on the sign-in sheet for a complimentary digital copy of our newsletter.
  • We welcome our members that are published authors to bring copies of their books to the meeting and make them available for purchase. It’s a great opportunity to share your talent with like-minded people.
  • Our meetings are always informative and usually entertaining. Our goal is to help aspiring writers master their craft and find publication. We welcome all genre of writing.
  • The Tulsa NightWriters is affiliated with the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc., so membership entitles you to all benefits of both organizations.
  • Fill out a name tag for a chance to win a door prize.
  • Find a seat or feel free to mix and mingle until the meeting starts.
  • Hear what’s happening in the club with announcements and member ‘brags’.


  • Joshua Danker-Dake, 2018 President – Tulsa NightWriters
  • Learn about opportunities for writing workshops, readings, and other literary events happening in our community.
  • Be educated, encouraged, and challenged by our quality speakers.
  • Meet and network with new writing friends.

Come back next month and do it all again!

We hope you’ll come join us. Questions? Feel free to ask any questions, click on the CONTACT US tab.

2018 Schedule

Martin East Library Auditorium, 27th and Garnett, Tulsa. We start arriving around 6:30 p.m. to mix and mingle. The meeting starts promptly at 7 pm.

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June 19  — Katie Hoffman

Katie Hoffman is the founder of Fairytale Reform, motivational speaker and life-coach. She speaks to people across the country on the importance of loving oneself as the foundation of loving another and provides tangible action steps towards making that happen. 

Katie will be speaking about blogging.  What exactly is a blog? Why do it? Time involved. How to start one, etc.

This talk will be an introduction to blogging and how it can be used to increase your platform and make your content stand out in the online writing world. Topics that will be discussed include:

– What is a blog?

– Why does blogging matter?

– An introduction to different blogging platforms: Instagram, Medium, WordPress, etc. 

– How to get started

There will also be time for Q&A at the end of the talk.

July 17  Karen Barros, owner of Another Chapter Bookstore in Owasso. Topic: The Relationship Between a Local Bookstore and a Local Author

August 21 — Our August speaker will be a Research Librarian from the Tulsa City-County Library Research Department. We’ve not locked down the exact speaker, but it’s going to be great. You’ll want to put this meeting on your calendar.

September 18 — Ritter Ames

Ritter Ames is a USA TODAY bestselling author of the Organized Mysteries and Bodies of Art Mysteries series. She lives atop a high green hill in the country with her husband and Labrador retriever, and spends each day globe-trotting the world from her laptop with her selected series playlists blasting into her earbuds. Often with the dog snoring at her feet. Much like her Bodies of Art Mysteries, Ritter’s favorite vacations start in London, then spiral out in every direction. She’s been known to plan trips after researching new books and keeps a list of “can’t miss” foods to taste along the way. Visit her at where she blogs about all the crazy things that interest her.

 Here’s some bullet points:

* how to find free ads and effective paid ads, and the range they can run (from free to BookBub), how to stack ads effectively

* how to get reviews for the week of release and after

* strategies to use preorders effectively

* use small giveaways to increase exposure to you and your books and build relationships with fans.

* how to use blogs and free & cheap website options to promote your book line(s)–but really, not a lot on blogs, just how I use it myself as kind of a bulletin board for sales and how to build a page on a blogger website (like WordPress) to add buy links to all your books.

* how and why to join Twitter tweet teams

* how giving away other authors’ books can help you

* how to increase your visibility/sales/fanbase by joining with other authors on anthologies or bundles, and how to approach other authors if you want to do this yourself.

October 16  — 2019 Officer Board Nominations

November 20 — 2019 Officer Board Elections and OWFI contest preparation panel.

December 11 — Christmas Party/2019 Officer Board Installations



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