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Tulsa NightWriters Club (TNWC) is the oldest writers club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. An offshoot of the daytime Tuesday Writers, TNWC was started in the 1950s for people who worked. The history of this club was not recorded. Author Peggy Fielding first visited the club in the 1970s, when members spent most of their time discussing grandchildren. Ms. Fielding took the helm and changed the club’s course forever.

Most TNWC members also belong to the statewide organization, Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc., (OWFI). The first weekend of May each year, this group sponsors a large conference. Writers from all over Oklahoma and neighboring states come together for the Conference. Editors and agents are brought from New York, California, and other publishing hubs of the country to speak and to meet individually with writers wanting to pitch their work. Many novels and nonfiction books have found a publisher during this symposium. OWFI also sponsors a writing contest and winners are announced at the May conference.

Meetings of TNWC are held at the Martin Regional Library at 2601 South Garnett Road, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the third Tuesday of each month. Officially, we meet from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., although many of us arrive early and stay late sharing information and friendship. Published authors share their experiences and knowledge with unpublished authors as a way of giving back, for the sake of the craft. Our goal is to meet the needs of individual members in order to learn and grow as writers

TNWC’s dues are $15.00 annually. You can find the Membership Form to join TNWC online at Print it out and send it to our treasurer.

You may join OWFI online at The dues to join OWFI are $30 per year, but the discounted rate is $25 if you list TNWC as your affiliate club on the application.

The payment year for both clubs runs from October 1 to September 30. Members can belong to one or both writing clubs.

Join, participate, and reap the rewards of improving your writing skills with a group that cares.

TNWC Membership Benefits

Monthly Speakers

Accountability Partner Program

Annual TNWC Craft of Writing Conference

Reduced Rate for Annual OWFI Conference

Newsletter (NightScripts)

Members’ Book Catalog


Mentoring Program

Public Facebook Page/Private Facebook Group

Group Book Signings


Published TNWC Anthologies

Networking Opportunities

Genre Focus-Group List

Membership Form 2020

Tulsa NightWriters Club is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation,  Inc (OWFI). It is not required to join OWFI to become a Tulsa NightWriter, nor is it required to join Tulsa NightWriters to join OWFI. Joining one organization does not make you member of the other. They are separate organizations with separate membership requirements.  Many people who do not wish to be part of a local writer’s club join OWFI as a member-at-large. However, we strongly encourage members to join both organizations so they can enjoy the benefits of both.  The following link is a good example of why it is beneficial to be members of both organizations.

The Benefits Of A Tulsa NightWriters Club Membership

How To Join Tulsa NightWriters:

Tulsa NightWriters’ and OWFI’s dues are paid separately.

New Members: Tulsa NightWriters annual dues are $15. New members may join at any time. New members are strongly encouraged to join OWFI. OWFI’s dues are $25. Please visit for more details.

Fill out a  and bring with Tulsa NightWriters Membership Form and your payment to a meeting, or send form and a check with payment to the address on the membership form.

Renewing Members: Annual dues for membership are $15 and are due on or before October 31st of each calendar year.

Tulsa NightWriters dues are not pro-rated.

OWFI dues are not pro -rated.

If you have questions that this page or the membership form doesn’t address, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the CONTACT US tab or click here.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Hello! Is it okay if I attend a few meetings before making the decision to join? Just checking. Thanks.

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