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Tulsa NightWriters’ mission is to offer quality meetings and events for writers in the Tulsa metro area that educate, inform, inspire, and create an atmosphere of camaraderie  among writers to encourage networking. Your membership dues allow Tulsa NightWriters to attract quality speakers, pay for speaker awards, produce the newsletter, participate in the OWFI Basket Wars Writing Conference Scholarship Fund, supplies, advertising, and other costs related to supporting Tulsa NightWriters.

We encourage visitors to check out 2 – 3 meetings to see if Tulsa NightWriters is the right fit for their writing journey. We believe we have a lot to offer writers at all levels of their journey to publication and beyond. If we are the kind of group you are looking for, we ask you to join as a paying dues member. Please see the Membership Form tab to  download and print a membership form or click the link below.

Tulsa Night Writers Membership Form

Tulsa NightWriters Club is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation,  Inc (OWFI). It is not required to join OWFI to become a Tulsa NightWriter, nor is it required to join Tulsa NightWriters to join OWFI. Joining one organization does not make you member of the other. They are separate organizations with separate membership requirements.  Many people who do not wish to be part of a local writer’s club join OWFI as a member-at-large. However, we strongly encourage members to join both organizations so they can enjoy the benefits of both. If a person wants to be a member of both, we offer to file both memberships for them through our treasury.  The following link is a good example of why it is beneficial to be members of both organizations.

Benefits of Membership

How To Join Tulsa NightWriters:

Tulsa NightWriters’ and OWFI’s dues are paid separately.

New Members: Tulsa NightWriters annual dues are $15. New members may join at any time. New members are strongly encouraged to join OWFI. OWFI’s dues are $20. Please visit for more details.

Fill out a  Tulsa Night Writers Membership Form and bring with your payment to a meeting, or send form and a check with payment to the address on the membership form.

Renewing Members: Annual dues for membership are $15 and are due on or before October 31st of each calendar year.

Tulsa NightWriters dues are not pro-rated.

OWFI dues are not pro -rated.

If you have questions that this page or the membership form doesn’t address, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the CONTACT US tab or click here.

One Response to Join Us

  1. Hannah says:

    Hello! Is it okay if I attend a few meetings before making the decision to join? Just checking. Thanks.

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