By-Laws of Tulsa NightWriters Club


The mission of Tulsa NightWriters Club is to provide a platform for writers of all levels and abilities to receive support, encouragement, and the tools to achieve their writing goals through a membership group open to all who wish to further their writing for publication, competition, or pleasure through informational and inspirational speakers, networking opportunities with writing and publishing professionals, and opportunities to achieve through local and state writing competitions and conferences.

Article I


The name of this non-profit affiliate organization of the Oklahoma Federation of Writers, Inc. is Tulsa NightWriters Club and will hereinafter be referred to as Tulsa NightWriters or TNWC.

Article II


A primary stated purpose of Tulsa NightWriters is: provide a monthly meeting for the Tulsa NightWriters membership to facilitate support, instruction, and networking opportunities.

A stated purpose of Tulsa NightWriters is: provide monthly speakers and activities to help hone writing skills and understanding of the publishing industry for the membership.

A stated purpose of Tulsa NightWriters is: prepare and distribute within the membership a newsletter designed to keep the individual members abreast of organizational activities and other matters pertaining to our mutual interests.

A stated purpose of Tulsa NightWriters is: raise the standard of our craft by promoting an annual contest, promoting participation in parent group OWFI annual contest, and recognizing meritorious work with meetings in May and December.

Article III


Any individual may apply for membership to Tulsa NightWriters by filling out a current Membership Form  and paying annual dues. The dues year runs from October 1st thru September 30th. This is set to coincide with our affiliate organization OWFI. There are two levels of membership:

1)   Full membership is $35. Payment deadline is November 30th. Full membership entitles a Tulsa NightWriters member to membership in the state group OWFI and to enter OWFI contests and represent Tulsa NightWriters at the OWFI Conference each spring.

2)   Local/Trial membership – New members joining after January 1: You are strongly encouraged to join OWFI and attend the May Conference. If this is not an option, you may join Tulsa NightWriters for $15.00 and attend meetings.

3)   Joining Tulsa NightWriters does not automatically make you a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. nor does joining Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. automatically make you a member of Tulsa NightWriters. As well, ‘joining’ the respective social media groups of each organization does not constitute membership in the organizations. Prospective members must fill out membership forms and pay dues to each individual group to be accepted as a member, respectively.

Article IV

Governance Board

The governance board of Tulsa NightWriters shall include elected officers and volunteer OWFI delegates elected or appointed.

1)   Officers

The officers of Tulsa NightWriters shall include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Hospitality Director, Communications Director, and Editor. The officers shall be elected by the membership for an annual term of one (1) year from January through December. The election of officers will be presented at the November Tulsa NightWriters meeting.

2)   OWFI Delegates

OWFI delegates represent Tulsa NightWriters and have voting privileges at the OWFI board meetings.

Delegates to the four (4) OWFI board meetings held in March, May, September, and December at the appointed place and time will be determined by membership:

1 – 9 members entitles Tulsa NightWriters to one (1) delegate

10- 21 members entitle Tulsa NightWriters to two (2) delegates

22 -51 members entitle Tulsa NightWriters to three (3) delegates

52-81 members entitle Tulsa NightWriters to four (4) delegates

82-111 members entitle Tulsa NightWriters to five (5) delegates

112 or more members entitle Tulsa NightWriters to a maximum six (6) delegates

In addition to the number of delegates required, there will be two (2) alternate delegates appointed in case the regular delegates are unable to fulfill their duty to a certain board meeting. The delegates and alternate delegates may be elected officers as well.

3)   The officers of Tulsa NightWriters will meet quarterly to discuss club business and determine the specific goals and activities for that calendar year.

Eligibility requirements to serve as a Tulsa NightWriters officer or delegate include the following:

  • Be a member in good standing for at least one (1) year. “In good standing” means dues have been paid on time and are current
  • Attendance at a majority (at least 7 of 12) of the meetings for the previous year
  • Any officer may be removed by a 2/3 majority of a called membership meeting for the following reasons:
    • Repeated failure to fulfill specific duties of elected office because of dereliction of duty
    • Repeated failure to fulfill specific duties of elected office because of medical incapacitation
    • Repeated failure to attend membership meetings
    • Conduct determined to be unprofessional and harmful to the club by the membership
    • Conviction of a crime
    • Any officer considered for expulsion may present their case before the membership
    • Expulsion vote will be by written ballot cast by members in good standing

4)   Officer Duties


  1. Presides over monthly meetings with a meeting agenda of welcome to visitors, announcements, member brags, and introduction of speaker
  2. Officially dismisses each meeting
  3. Facilitates appointment of OWFI delegates
  4. Works with officer board to make decisions promoting and strengthening Tulsa NightWriters
  5. Writes monthly article for club newsletter
  6. Writes thank-you notes to speakers
  7. Contacts hospitality coordinator for any new visitor email addresses or phone numbers and sends welcome email/phone call to any visitors/new members
  8. Follows up periodically on absent members with phone calls/emails
  9. Provides second signature on bank account in case treasurer is incapacitated
  10. Signs library meeting room contract (primary- library card required)
  11. Presides over quarterly officer meetings with a prepared agenda
  12. Coordinates and/or delegates NightWriter of the Year award, determines winner, and orders award from trophy company
  13. In charge of current year flash writing contest with prior year’s winner
  14. Keeps abreast of literary events in the community to inform membership
  15. Attends members books signings and events whenever possible to offer support


  1. Contacts OWFI secretary at start of year with the names of delegates (and alternates) for OWFI board meetings
  2. Signs library meeting room contract (secondary – library card required)
  3. Liaison with library on any meeting room issues
  4. Fills out library meeting request form in August for meeting room scheduling the following year
  5. Obtains speakers/activities for each monthly meeting from February to January of the next calendar year and meets all speaker needs for visit
  6. Obtains speaker address for group thank you note
  7. Attends all TNW meetings and quarterly officer meetings
  8. Prepared to moderate meetings in case president is unavailable
  9. Makes sure meeting room is set up for speaker’s needs
  10. Makes sure president has any pertinent announcements and introductions for each meeting
  11. Greets all visitors and members within time availability at meetings
  12. Takes notes at meetings for use in any follow-up communications
  13. Writes the monthly speaker article for the newsletter
  14. Writes monthly article for the newsletter
  15. Sends pertinent information to editor for inclusion in group emails or newsletter in a timely manner
  16. Promotes outreach with community (free) advertising
  17. Helps organize any group activities outside monthly meeting where applicable
  18. Actively seeks out member input for ideas to implement for strengthening club
  19. Works in tandem with other officers to meet club needs
  20. Helps coordinate Christmas party and OWFI brags party


  1. Collects membership dues
  2. Enters required member information on OWFI form and sends along with OWFI portion of dues to OWFI treasurer
  3. Facilitates Tulsa NightWriters sponsorship of OWFI conference contest category or categories and pays OWFI
  4. Reserves tables at OWFI banquets and pays fees
  5. Signs library meeting room contract (if primary and secondary aren’t available)
  6. Pays miscellaneous expenses
  7. Payment for additional services (example: newsletter management) with approval of the Officer Board
  8. Bank Relations
  • Manages account
  • Makes deposits
  • Makes withdrawals
  • Orders checks
  • Recommends the financial institution the club uses to the Officer Board for approval

10. Prepared to moderate monthly meeting if president and vice-president become unavailable

11. Membership Roster

  • Maintains the club roster on Excel spreadsheet for each Dues Year
  • Provides a copy of rosters updated periodically to other officers
  • Follows up on email outdates

Communications Director

1. Send out bulk e-mails to the club membership of announcements by members.
2. Facilitate communications between members, nonmembers, OWFI, and other writers organizations, as needed.
3. Prepare a quarterly report of club activities and achievements for parent organization, OWFI.
 The report is easily accomplished if the Communications Director refers back to the monthly/bimonthly newsletters and/or newsletter supplements for brags, announcements, etc., from members.
 The Communications Director submits the report to OWFI for inclusion in its quarterly organizational report.
4. Help host and maintain the club’s website and social media accounts.
5. Maintain an up-to-date membership and e-mail roster.
6. Take notes at meetings for use in any follow-up communications (formerly one of the Vice President’s duties).
7. Promote outreach with community—(free) advertising (formerly one of the Vice President’s duties).
8. Prepare to moderate monthly meetings if other officers are unavailable.


1. Plan and create an informative, eye-catching, and easy-to-follow monthly or bimonthly newsletter and/or applicable newsletter supplements that relate events, activities, and achievements in the Tulsa NightWriters Club.

Categories to consider are:

 Article by the President
 Article by the Vice President
 Article describing the previous month’s meeting/speaker/program
 Article announcing the upcoming month’s speaker/program
 “Welcome, New Members!” section
 Featured NightWriter section
 Articles related to writing submitted by members
 “First Book” section
 Members’ Brags (including photos and links when applicable)
 Announcements
 Bulletin Board on which members may post individual questions, needs, or offerings that don’t fit in either the Brags, Announcements, or Club News sections
 Club News
 Meeting Schedule (speakers, workshops, etc.)
 Officer Board contact information and volunteer staff listing
 Facebook, Twitter, and website information
 Hall of Fame information
 Newsletter submission guidelines
 Quotes
 Featured famous author information

2. Post the newsletter to the TNWC Facebook page and website in .docx and/or .pdf, as applicable.
3. Publish an annual members’ book catalog. (Optional)
4. Update and disseminate the Genre Focus Groups list.
5. Communicate with members regarding the newsletter, genre focus groups, and optional book catalog.
6. Maintain an up-to-date membership and e-mail roster.
7. Prepare to moderate monthly meetings if other officers are unavailable.

Hospitality Coordinator

Goal of this position is to offer a friendly face, welcoming personality, and genuine gift of service to both members and non-members of the Tulsa NightWriters by:

  1. Arrive thirty minutes prior to the monthly meeting
  2. Collect the attendance sheet from the information booth inside the library
  3. Bring TNW Sign-in sheet to each meeting
  4. Attend the front door with a sign-in sheet, name tags, and appropriate pens
  5. Greet each person upon arrival
  6. Seek out newcomers, present a friendly face, and offer any needed assistance
  7. Insure speakers are met and guided to the Vice President of the club
  8. Encourage members to participate in Book Bonanza, informing them of a 15% gratuity to the club for sale of their books
  9. Complete attendance sheet with number of attendees and return to the library information desk at the end of the evening
  10. Prepares and gives out monthly door prize and collects name tags to choose winner of door prize at meeting
  11. Coordinate the following events as they occur:
  • Gift basket collection for OWFI
  • Club member participation when refreshments are planned
  • Assist officers as other duties are assigned

Article V

Operating Procedures

  1. Meetings of Tulsa NightWriters will be held at a local library contracted to host said meetings the 3rd Tuesday of every month, the exception being a schedule conflict with the library, in that case the meeting will take place on a date closest to the original date that the library has available. The current elected officer board shall determine the new meeting date.
  2. An attendance record will be kept at each meeting for both the club and as required by the library system.
  3. Chain of command – President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Editor, Communications Director, Hospitality Director
  4. Each calendar year the club shall hold a flash writing contest coordinated by the winner of the prior year’s contest in tandem with the President.  The former winner will determine that year’s ‘beginning line’ and coordinate receiving entries, obtaining a neutral judge, and communicating names and awards with the treasurer. The contest shall have an entrance fee awarded to the first, second, and third place winners. Unless otherwise determined, prize monies will be paid out in 50%, 30%, and 20% amounts accordingly. The treasurer will manage the monies for the contest.
  5. Each calendar year the club will award the NightWriter of the Year to a deserving member in good standing at the December Christmas Party. The president will facilitate the choice of NightWriter of the Year and have prepared an award or trophy to commemorate said award.
  6. Qualifications to consider for NightWriter of the Year are:
  • Member who has worked to help advance the mission of the club (see mission statement)
  • Member who has attended a majority of meetings
  • Member who has advanced their own writing career either by entering and placing in contests, or publishing articles or books during the calendar year
  • Member who has reached out to writers in the community to bring them to meetings
  • Member who has given of their time and talents to help instruct or mentor writers in the club and in the community
  • Member who has been a support to other writers in the club by attending book signings and other literary activities in the community

7. Hall of Fame … Revised on February 16, 2017


The purpose of the Tulsa NightWriters Club Hall of Fame shall be to perpetuate the names of longtime club members who have displayed exceptional service to the club and meritorious achievement in the field of writing.

1.)  Any board member may make a nomination to the Tulsa NightWriters Club Hall of Fame, and the nominee may be either living or deceased.

2.)  Club members may make a nomination to the Hall of Fame through a club officer.

3.)  A list of the nominee’s qualifications should be submitted with his or her name.

4.)  Nominees will be considered by the board at quarterly board meetings.

5.)  Nominees not selected in a given year are not automatically included in the next year’s selection process. 


1.)  Have been a member (or a former member) of the club, in good standing, for a minimum of ten years.

2.)  Have performed outstanding service to the Club through all of the following: mentoring, serving as an officer, either being nominated for Tulsa NightWriter of the Year or being elected as the Tulsa NightWriter of the Year, and contributing his or her time and talent to promoting the club’s activities and programs.

3.)  Have brought honor or distinction to the club and made a significant difference in the club through his or her efforts and contributions.

4.)  Have achieved success as a published writer.


1.)  A nominee will be inducted into the Hall of Fame by a majority vote of the board.

2.)  The selection shall consist of no more than two individuals per year; however, during the first two years, the board may select up to four nominees.

3.)  The nominee will be inducted in a ceremony at a monthly meeting, if possible.

4.)  A suitable award, such as a plaque, shall be presented to persons inducted into the Hall of Fame.  The award will be selected by the board.  In the case of posthumous awards, they will be presented to a family member of the deceased, if possible.

5.)  The inductee will receive a comped lifetime club membership.

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