Who Are We?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a webmaster in Tulsa NightWriters. I certainly don’t claim to be one. Truth is, I know very little about blogging or mass media or the intricacies of the internet. When I went to school, we learned to read from the Guppy Reader and printed our ABCs on Big Red Chief lined pads. However, as president of the NightWriters, it’s my responsibility to shed a positive light on our club.

The Tulsa NightWriters is a very special organization. We’re a collection of people from many walks of life. Our members range from very young to many decades. We’re a group of people that take solace in the written word. We do it with poetry, mystery, thriller, young adult, fiction, and many genre. We’re an eclectic gathering of dreamers and plotters, professionals and amateurs, outliners and seat-of-the-pantsers. We express our visions on paper and electronic document. We are writers.

Along with all of these things, the NightWriters is one other thing. We’re an open invitation to anyone with a desire to write. You don’t have to be the best, and you don’t have to be published. You just have to want to write. If this is you, I hope you’ll visit us and become a part of our dream.

Jim Laughter, President

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2 Responses to Who Are We?

  1. 7nononinon@gmail.com says:

    Where and when? Ninon Haley

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • nightscripts says:

      The third Tuesday of every month, 7pm, at the Martin Library, 27th and Garnett. Please see our meeting schedule on this site for details. We’d love to see you there.

      Jim Laughter

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