2017 Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas party this year, hosted by Kathlyn Smith in her beautiful home.  I think I counted 30 people in attendance.  We installed our 2018 officer board which consists of:

Joshua Danker-Dake, President

Derek Bullard, Vice-President

Marion Grace, Treasurer

Carolyn M. Steele, Hospitality

Julie Kimmel-Harbaugh, Editor.

Jim Laughter, Communications

Our flash writing contest was a rousing success with Bill Wetterman winning first prize with his entertaining fiction Techno Wife. He tickled us with a reading of it.

Congratulations to Donna Jones for being selected 2017 Tulsa NightWriter of the Year.  She was awarded a certificate of recognition at the party, but we’re having a trophy created to better express our appreciation for her contributions to the club in 2017.  She will be awarded her trophy at our January 2018 meeting.

Kathlyn took a number of pictures at the party.  Here they are in no particular order …. Enjoy….. If you took pictures and would like to share them with the group, please email them to me at jimlaughter@att.net



















The 2018 Officer Board