Welcome to the Official Website of Tulsa NightWriters Club


The Tulsa NightWriters Club are writers of every genre. Our members write screen and stage plays, murder mysteries, science fiction, thrillers, romance, and every other genre. We have a guest speaker at each monthly meeting (except May & December.) We are an affiliate club of the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. (OWFI.)

The mission of Tulsa NightWriters Club for over sixty-five years has been to provide a platform for writers of all levels and abilities to receive support, encouragement, and the tools to achieve their writing goals, whether for publication or personal enjoyment through informational and inspirational speakers, networking opportunities with other writers and publishing professionals, help with book promotion, and opportunities to achieve through local, state, and national writing competitions and conferences.

Tulsa NightWriters Club meets on the third Tuesday of every month (except December) at 7:00 PM. We meet at the OSU Center for Poets & Writers,700 N. Greenwood, Tulsa, OK 74106 in the North Hall of their campus.  Room 140.


Take the I-244 to downtown Tulsa, and exit on Detroit. If you are coming from the west, the exit for the OSU campus is on the LEFT.

From Detroit Ave turn right onto JH Franklin Road. You will see the Auditorium and Conference Center on the left. You can park in Lot E (first parking lot on left), or across the street  in Lot D.

From the main entrance, go past the fountain into the Conference Center. We meet in Room 140, just to the right of the main lobby. I will have signs posted.

Parking is free and open to the public. It is a very short walk.

Our official mailing address is:

Tulsa NightWriters Club

PO Box 702874

Tulsa, OK 74170-2874

Please disregard the site map on the right side of this page showing the Martin Library as our meeting place. This website is being updated to the OSU downtown campus.


Visitors Welcome! 

What Are The Benefits Of A Tulsa NightWriters Club Membership?

  • Membership in a group with a sixty+ year history of supporting writers and soon-to-be writers.
  • Monthly meetings with speakers who share up-to-date information in the publishing field, craft instruction, inspiration, and other topics of interest to writers.
  • Subscription to monthly newsletter NightScripts.
  • Eligibility for annual club writing contest, and discounts for any club-sponsored workshops.
  • Affiliate of Oklahoma Federation of Writers, Inc., a state group offering an annual writers’ conference and contests each May.
  • Listing of your website/blog on Tulsa NightWriters website.
  • Thriving social media community.
  • Networking and leadership opportunities.

Please feel free to visit 2 – 3 meetings to see if joining Tulsa NightWriters Club will benefit your writing journey.

Click on the JOIN US tab above for membership information

Follow our blog to stay up to date on the latest information and events. Sign up via email or RSS feed at the upper right hand corner of this page so you don’t miss a thing!

toplogoAffiliate of OWFI (Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.)

39 Responses to Welcome to the Official Website of Tulsa NightWriters Club

  1. Mary Dean says:

    My daughter is in 4th grade and interested in writing. Are there any creative writing groups or workshops for kids in the Tulsa area?

    • nightscripts says:


      I don’t know of specific children’s groups in Tulsa. However, we have a few children’s authors in our group, even a couple of children’s editors/publishers. You and your daughter are welcome to attend a meeting or two.

      Jim Laughter
      President, Tulsa NightWriters

    • Mary check with Holland Hall. They have a lot of children’s writing activities. At least they used to both of my children participated.

  2. nightscripts says:


    I’ve been going through the NightWriter website updating information. We’ve not had a webmaster since Kristin left, so I’m taking a shot at it. I think I’ve got yours right.

    Jim Laughter

  3. nightscripts says:


    Bill Wetterman is still our treasurer. The membership form is on the website. Thanks. Jim Laughter

  4. KWarsop says:

    I have written my first novel at almost age 74. It is a historical fiction set in Indian Territory during the Civil War. I need some advise before I proceed. I am on social security and can not afford a copy editor. I need someone to give me some advise about e books. The e books on amazon are selling so cheap! I am not good on computers but am trying to learn. I have felt so isolated that I would like to be around some refreshing younger writers. I love my story but I hate it too. I dread all the editing I must do. It was fun to write but as wonderful as computers are ; have a love-hate for them. I wrote my novel long-hand and it helped me be spontaneous. Hope to see you all in June!

    • nightscripts says:


      Wow, what an accomplishment! It certainly sounds like you’ve poured yourself into this new work. Of course, it also sounds like there’s much work ahead. I’d love to see it. You will certainly want to attend our June meeting. We’ll be covering Getting Through Your First Draft. I’m sure you’ll find it enlightening.

      • radine says:

        Join a critique group made up of both published and non-published authors! (Surely, in Tulsa, there are several??) I have been a member of an active critique group meeting at a local library for over sixteen years. It’s small, ave. 4-6 members. We each bring a chapter, or similar number of pages, from our work in progress to meetings, supply copies to all in the group (all publish in print, or hope to, as well as in e-books) and read our work aloud as they follow on their copies. They make notes on the copies provided, and then we discuss. It has been a huge help to me over the years, though my publishers have always provided editing as well.

    • Rex Griffin says:

      Welcome, KWarsop. I have just completed an historical fiction set in Indian Territory during the Civil War myself. I look forward to seeing you at the June meeting. Seems we have something in common.

  5. Laura Cooper says:

    I’m a freelance illustrator and I’m looking for opportunities to get involved with writers. I hope to attend the next meeting and see how I can get involved in Tulsa.

    • Connie Cox says:

      Laura, I’m writing a nonfiction, children’s book. Hoping to meet you at the meetings. I have just heard of this group tonight and can’t wait to attend and get involved.

  6. 9185199338 says:

    My name is Corey Carolina and I just finished my manuscript. I am looking for a good editor. Any ideas?

    • nightscripts says:

      We have a few people in our group that edit. Why not visit our March meeting? You can also visit some of our member links on our website and see who is looking for editing work.

      Jim Laughter
      President, TNWC

  7. Liz Uzzel says:

    I am a writer and a Tulsa resident and looking to get involved local in my writing community. If I show up at one of the monthly meetings, do I need to have anything prepared or is more of a meet & greet type thing? I am assuming that I do not have to become a member to attend an initial meeting.


  8. Diane Geboskie says:

    I am an older writer, 64 who after many years of writing and stuffing typed manuscripts into boxes from my early 20’s made the leap to learn computer skills. After taking writing courses I published with Authorhouse.com which I cannot afford to do again. My book was a real experience in persistence although it was necessary to do a rewrite, having learned why readers felt the first chapter didn’t grab immediate interest. Now it’s been some time due to a lack of funds and a blown computer and I have written at least four books which have been in need of critique and assistance with the same mentioned problem of how to go about the process of using the technology and e books . Also, finding a real publisher since Authorhouse and knowing that I was given a thumbs up as being a great writer. Help! Amazon and Kindle books want me to send my digital book.

  9. Danetta Crook says:

    I’m very interested in,attending some nights.working on a book.

  10. Leah Hoffman says:

    Looking for a support group for my writing efforts. This looks promising.

    • nightscripts says:

      Great! We’d love for you to visit us the third Tuesday of any month (except December) (Christmas Party). Our next meeting is June 21st. I’d be happy to send you a current newsletter. The one posted to our website has an incorrect date on it, but we’re working to fix that now….

      Jim Laughter
      President, Tulsa NightWriters Club

  11. Tanya Dove says:


    • nightscripts says:

      Tanya, the NightWriters always welcome new members. We’d love for you to attend our January 17th meeting at the Martin Library, 27th and Garnett, 7pm. There are also membership forms on our website.

      Jim Laughter

  12. Michelle Sutton says:

    Can a 16 yo join or is this for adults only?

  13. Connie Cox says:

    I plan to be at the June meeting. Could I be placed on the newsletter list.

  14. Dustin Parker says:

    I am creating a novel right now named Argo

  15. Larry says:

    Tulsa. Looking for a Beta reader.
    Any suggestions?

  16. Brenda Pond says:

    I would liketo speak to someone regarding promoting mybook.

  17. Olivia d'Rozario says:

    I’m looking for a writing tutor who is associated with Tulsa Community College. If anyone is interested please contact me at oliviatravels2013@gmail.com or you can text me with your name at 918-814-3088.

  18. Chris Hayes says:

    I am looking for someone to write my story…I’ve had a story to tell about child abuse, rape, drug addiction, alcoholism, spousal abuse, ththe military and beating all odds against me…it’s a hell of a story that will inspire and encourage. Please help me tell it.

  19. Laurie Gregory says:

    I am a novice that wants to start writing. Ive had no formal classes or anything. I am asking for information about any workshops or other classes or meetings i can attend to help me get a hand hold.

    Thank you,
    Laurie Gregory

  20. Stephaine B says:

    I would love to attend an event to see if I would be Interested in joining.

  21. Needing information concerning Corona 19 if meetings has been canceled and closed for how long?

    • nightscripts says:


      Please forgive me for overlooking your question. No, our meetings have not been cancelled. However, we are holding them via ZOOM through the end of the year. Please visit our meetings tab for details.

      Jim Laughter

    • Oliver Chigorom Ngwuli says:

      I joined TNWC since 2017. I have really gained a lot from the Guest speakers and conferences. It pays to be a member.

  22. nightscripts says:

    All meeting for the rest of the year will be presented on ZOOM. Dates and times remain the same. See our Meetings page on the website.

  23. Therese Stenzel says:

    Are you meeting in person?

    Therese Stenzel

    • nightscripts says:

      No. Due to COVID, we are meeting via zoom at 7pm on the third Tuesday of every month except December. Our zoom ID is 647 927 2866. Passcode 1547. I open the room around 6:45 pm. We’d love to have you visit.

      Jim Laughter
      Communications Director

  24. Therese Stenzel says:

    Any idea when you will resume in person meetings?

    We’re hoping to begin in-person meetings on August 17th if the library opens their rooms again.

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